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Lyrics written and owned by Chantele Delaine

Here I sit contemplating

If all that which cause pain and joy

Are things that are real

And that we can all physically hold

If we can't grasp them enough to hold

Does this make them beyond our control

If so, are they ever really ours to let go?

If no, why do mine feel real enough to know?

Never one for debating

Time moves onward without waiting

For things to resolve

They either fall into place or not at all

If so, where do the in between things sprawl?

Am I awaking

Am I chasing dreams

Or retracing things

Which I had been erasing before?

If I'm only repeating

Does this mean that I'm perceiving

Current living on things

Which had been experienced before?

If so where does exist

That yet unexplored?

Instrumental Demo for Bouillon

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