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Lyrics written and owned by Chantele Delaine

I don't know where I'm going 

Yet I'm heading there right now

Wandering without knowing

Guess I'll find answers

And learn somehow

Which direction leads to yes

And which to no

I don't know where I'm heading

But here I go


She packs up all her baggage

At her heart lay un-played cards

Butterflies in her stomach

She dons on spotted leotards

With no benefit from a compass

She ragdolls through the yard

The only company that she keeps

Is her guitar

She can build a rocket ship

And go anywhere she wants

Nobody to be tellin' her

Which style that day she flaunts

Though for now

Her prospects seem rather gaunt

All she knows is here she goes

He was sittin' alone in the kitchen

His feelings running stark

Suddenly the telephone rang

And it gave his old heart quite a start

Who could be finally calling

After such long silence in the dark?

This way of communicating

Is such a lost art

He has lived countless lifetimes

And travelled many a mile

He surrounds himself with things

That never seem to go out of style

About him there's an honesty

That is too bare to beguile

This time if he goes, it's what he chose


And I wonder if along the way 

Our lives will converge one day

Maybe new stories will be told

Of how together we go

Here we go...

After wandering aimlessly for a while

I stopped to change my pace

Down beside me sat a woman

With her battered suitcase

And looking up through a window

I saw a wise old man's face

And for the first time together

We were all in one place

Who would ever believe

This amazing turn of events

Three people randomly meeting

No artifice of coincidence

Will they remain together

The future only knows

Either way onward time goes

Here it goes...

Now I no longer wonder if 

If our lives will converge one day

But I still don't know if stories will be told

Of how together we go

Here we go...


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