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Lyrics written and owned by Chantele Delaine

(Dedicated to Plato and Book VII)

I've just crawled out of the cave

Just learned I've got these things called legs

Which compel me to move to higher ground

I had discovered

I could move myself

Once chains fell from me unbound

I can see clearer now

Shadows retreat from my eyes

I bite from the apple

And relegate myself to what I surmise

Complies to my needs' hierarchy

At least I have comfort

I have say in this new reality

Here I am still alive

Despite or because of all I have survived

Perceptions of old no longer hinder me

Are they just obstacles

Or perhaps

They lead to liberty?

Sometimes circumstances

Peg me further up or down the pole

Some of them may or not be

Beyond my immediate control

But I no longer fear the fall

Just gives me time

To work on my condition overhaul

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