Boston's Line: then and now


Boston's Line is a song I wrote to honour a couple of iconic tragedies occurring during recent western history: 9/11's Fall of The Towers will forever haunt me, and bombings at the Boston Marathon Finish Line reveal to us the unnecessary and wanton destruction of innocent lives.

I'll be damned before they stain dark the light inside of me.”

How can one learn from examples when life sets ones like these?”

Tell me, what is the colour of peace?”

The above words remind me of the cohesive message we all sent out, advising each other that despite the pain caused by these tragic events, we will unite and rise above. This is the same vibe I was going for through the song's music. My producer Ted Tosoff did an excellent job of creating the sound I was envisioning – upbeat, campfire-ish music, played with a full band of instruments and accompanied by some bluegrass spunk.

I wrote an original version of Boston's Line back in high school. This was before 9/11 and Boston, so several of the lyrics have been changed. However, much of the original lyrics remain the same. It somehow felt “right” to use the song of a past, as a means to expressing the present.

One day after school I got together with my good friend Shelagh. I played the guitar while Shelagh sang harmony and I sung melody. I recorded our “session” on cassette and have finally digitized it. The recordings contain a barrel full of laughs. We did take after take before finally locking it down, and each blooper is captured on tape. An afternoon of great memories. Below you will find an audio sample which includes my high school version of the song and inserted clips of the modern studio version - there are several clips of each version blended together for direct comparison. Update! the said audio clippings have been compiled onto a YouTube Clip and uploaded to my channel. Watch the embedded clip from this blog or watch here:

I am grateful that the original version of Boston's Line is attached to happy memories. It might be what inspired me to maintain messages of hope and peace throughout the song. To acknowledge the original version of Boston's Line, I was slightly confident enough to record the solo acoustic intro of the song in studio.

Please, help me mend these broken hearts with the colour of peace”

Feel free to listen to a clip of Boston's Line. Please consider purchasing the song and even my full CD “FLY” through CD Baby or PayPal.

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