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CDs: the day they arrived

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

It was an amazing feeling to receive copies of my debut album FLY, hot off the press! So many years of working toward this goal. And those associated emotions and anticipation, all packed into 7 songs.

The making of this CD spawned off many additional songs and concepts - also many great tracks which already exist yet didn't make it onto this CD.

When it came to the CD's art work, I turned to Ryan Dyk, a former co-worker. He was able to bring my ideas to visual life. We wanted the art to be as authentic as possible, so for the final touches I hopped onto a ferry, over to Vancouver Island. From there I spent some glorious time observing, photographing and filming a variety of butterflies at a local hatchery. Many images captured, I have used here and about in my projects.

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