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DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: but i will tell you a little bit anyhow

Never will I forget my first time in studio, recording one of my own songs. I had recently dipped my toe into the live music scene, particularly the blues music circuit. During my frequent visits to open mic nights, live music jams, house parties and music concerts, I was thrilled to meet and learn from various musicians, singers and songwriters. From them I absorbed as much advice as I could and was soon inspired to write and record my own blues song.

Although I was playing acoustic guitar and a bit of piano at this point, I wasn't yet ready to play my own instruments on my studio recordings. I had only vague knowledge of how to use my limited home recording tools and knew I needed help from the experts.

Fortunately, I found someone with experience in everything required to get my project off the ground! While attending a music show I met Ted Tosoff, from the band Blue Voodoo. He helped me arrange my song Don't Want You to Know, a high-energy blues song set in the key of B Minor. The tune is reminiscent of BB King's The Thrill is Gone and is by far the largest production on the album. Ted helped me bring in some amazing local talent to play bass guitar (Rob Marr) and drums (Shawn Soucy) - Ted himself contributed the guitar accompaniment and I did all the singing, including the background vocals. The harmonica solo was recorded by Keith Bennett in a separate studio and his tracks were later “flown in” and added to the entire music mix.

The majority of the project was recorded during a weekday at Rain Song Studios, a facility owned and operated by Brian Esplen in the Lower Mainland. The project was absolutely the best first time experience I could have ever asked for and I invite you to give a listen to the finished result of Don't Want You to Know. I'm sure you'll have your toe tapping within the first 10 seconds.

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