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FLY: what does the butterfly symbolize to you?

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” - Muhammad Ali

Whether it be boxers, health organizations, artists or other, many use the butterfly to represent their works. Monarchs can represent queens and blue morpho's suggest transition. To almost all, butterflies signify positive meaning such as change, joy, hope and more.

I experience these interpretations as well - and would like to add the term "freedom" to that list. When composing my instrumental FLY, I sought to emulate the vision of freedom, while also providing a tune which provides feelings of timeless-ness. Much like the endless cycle of the butterfly, the song FLY can be played in 3 minutes or 10, looped throughout the stanzas seamlessly, ending only when the player decides the song has played its course.

The acoustic version of FLY is found in several promotional video's for local homeless benefit concerts and can be found on my YouTube channel.

The studio version of FLY is available for purchase and download from CD Baby. Please consider purchasing this song, or even buying the entire album. For .99 cents per song or 10 dollars for the entire album, you are helping to fund a passionate recording artist and also helping to promote the positive messages found in the album FLY.

I photographed these images and cropped them as contributions to my FLY album art. The photographs were taken during an amazing visit to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens.

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