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I believe that every album should include a love song. And so I wrote I Believe in Love for my debut album FLY. It is a story of naivete and unabashed love. The kind of love that makes the heart race and the face blush. The kind you make no pretensions of.

Despite the song's simplicity, it took me a long time to complete. It underwent many revisions until satisfying the ears of both myself and my producer. Even the video was redone several times, beginning with scenes of me lying in a bed of roses, drinking a glass of champagne and singing my heart out to an off-camera love interest.

In the end, I eliminated the video shoots and instead created a simple animated video to support the simplicity and power behind the song. Please give I Believe in Love a listen – I hope each and every one of you has the fortune to undergo the same feelings that this young, innocent and trusting character experiences in both song and video.

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