PERFORMING LIVE: a different kind of beast

I feel that I sing better when I am in studio, without holding and playing an instrument at the same time. For this reason, I feel that studio experience can be a different beast than that of live performance.

To prove to myself that I can stand on my own as a solo performance artist, I've taken up several challenges, such as playing both guitar and piano outdoors, at Farmer's Markets. Not an easy task! Four hours of playing to rotating crowds of market visitors, and the same four hours of playing to vendors who by end of season may have tuned out your presence.

Yet through scorching sun and torrential rains, I've survived many outdoor gigs. To get through many of these gigs, I was lucky enough to have my husband, Dan, serve as musical partner.

Not only did I perform at outdoor venues with my husband, but I was also lucky enough to perform solo indoors and even share the stage at many music jams with other local musicians.

Below is a brief compilation of me performing live, on both guitar and piano, at various venues. Feedback is always welcome!

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