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TIME TO LET GO: a long process

Letting go may sound like an easy thing to do, but in reality it can be a prolonged process. I find it easy to take this advice when in my happier moments. Yet when the going gets tough, letting go can be a challenge - perhaps because it seems easier to succumb to anger, pain and other harmful emotions.

I like to revisit this song often, to serve as a pep talk to myself when things aren't going so well. It takes me back to the elation I felt after writing and recording Time to Let Go in studio. I invite you to listen to the song and watch the video I made. The making of the video was an incredible journey which started with downloading a trial copy of TrakAxPC video editing software and, on my own, conducting numerous video shoots. I created my own graphics to accompany the video and was able to see the project through from start to finish in 10 days.

I dyed my hair several times to match the story board I'd written in my mind. And to create the smoke effects, I first tried lighting numerous grape flavoured cigarellos but had to puff like crazy on them to keep the smoke coming. I felt quite ill from this and in later scenes resorted to using a hot air humidifier. The steam created some great smoke effects but unfortunately fogged up my camera lens. For finally touches, I inserted digital smoke effects. The results of all three attempts can be found in the final version of the video.

Considering the limited resources I had on hand, I am quite happy with the final results and feel the video does well to convey the meaning of the song and lyrics. Enjoy!

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