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TIME TO LET GO: full music video release

Ah, the thrill of creating my first music video to accompany a the studio recording of a song which eventually found it's way onto the debut release of my music album FLY : 10 long days of undergoing the setting up of props, the applying of various hair bleaches and dyes, the creating and editing of graphics, the continuing of video scene takes and re-takes. Some of the most remarkable memories from filming this video are my varied attempts to create the perfect "smoke effect." Easier said than done! First I tried creating the effect by lighting about 8 grape-flavoured cigarello's (that's all I had on hand at the time). I had to puff hard on all 8, nearly at the same time to produce enough smoke - as as result, I coughed and wheezed and felt faint for hours. Second, I used an indoor hot air humidifier (once again, that's all I had on had at the time) - as a result, most of my footage was blurred due to the heavy fogging on my camera lens and the condensation nearly ruined my camera and lens in the process. Lesson learned. Third, I inserted some digital smoke effect as filler. Not quite as realistic looking but safer to my lungs and recording gear.

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