WASH: on cleanse and closure

WASH was the second-last song recorded for the album FLY (the studio version of my instrumental FLY was the last recording produced). By the time I wrote WASH, a good 5 years had gone by since recording my first studio song. As such, I found myself looking at the world in a slightly different way and along with it, my songwriting style had changed dramatically. I was also spending a lot of time alone at the piano and it helped me create songs differently than I had before.

I spent a lot of time writing this song, and I feel it's all the better for it. Some sections were written when I was feeling happy and other sections were written when I was feeling low. By the time the song was finished I had worked out my emotions. And through all the hours, days, weeks and months I'd spent on perfecting the song on piano, I had undergone through a lot of what some may call mundane, tedious times of practice. All of this, I hope, it reflected in the lyrics of the song.


* From reading my Blog Post about my song The Nature: you may know that I am fascinated with the James Bond music style. Look at the centre of the metronome - do you see it? A vague but sophisticated tuxedo-like image, with a 007 twist.

* "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life": a quote by Berthold Auerbach. He died in 1882 and the quote has surpassed the copyright protection of 120 years, resting now in the world of public domain. I used Auerbach's quote in the opening phrase of my song. It serves as an amazing lyrical springboard for the song overall and I hope I've done Auerbach justice in my use of his inspiring words.

* "I've Got Music By My Side." Some parts of the song were written when I was feeling depressed. To combat this state, I sought solace in music. One set of music which came to the forefront is that offered by Julian Lennon. I hung onto every word of his tunes, particularly those from his Everything Changes album. I wanted to pay homage to this hero of mine, so after learning to play his song "Hold On" on my piano, I used the opening piano strains in the opening of my own song WASH; Just a four-note sequence, transposed to a different key.

* I use the word "refrain" just as how it's meant in the song. However, it is also another homage to Julian Lennon, and in this case also a tip-of-hat to Paul McCartney in the song Hey Jude. In this song, McCartney sings to Julian Lennon: "And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain." But yes! The song is also a reference to music theory and speaks of the "refrain" or "bar" found scripted on a music staff.

* I've found the term WASH cropping up in movies and literature. It can suggest baptism and a cleansing of the soul. Absolutely, this is what I am also going for in the song. After a long journey of the soul, doesn't it feel great to wash off all the dust and restart on a bright "note?"

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