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Lyrics written and owned by Chantele Delaine

The role of a Queen
Is to be easing
The suffering 
Of those under her wing

And the Pawn
Is of the understanding
He'll be called upon
To be falling

To those like the Knight
Who draws his sword in might
Willing to take up the fight
Beside those leading

Such as the King
Who thrives by allying
And conquering
All of those in charge
Of those lands that are most large

All of those Underlings and Lords
Are busy summoning their scores
Out on battlefields 
And on castle boards
If we win, we lose and if we lose, we win
For we are all causalities in the end
Is it up to me and you 

To be rewriting these wrong moves

Tell me, what's up
With that religious Bishop
He who must ordain
So many lives in vain

And lest we forget
That Chariot
Who undertook
So many tasks of the Rook
And now we see
The key players of the Monarchy

All of those Lords and Underlings
Are busy calculating pros and cons
Over whether it's better
To remain or be gone
If we lose, we win and if we win, we lose
For in the end do we really get to choose
Is it up to me and you 
To recuse  all hose moves of fools

Dear Queen
What do we do we do
How will we survive
Without the leader of our hive

For so many years
You took on our fears
And so must I await
To approach your gate
To present to thee
The Queen's eulogy

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