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Lyrics written and owned by Chantele Delaine

You are cruel

Churn me in, use me as fuel

You're instinctive

You're The Nature, you take to give

To reign another day

As Darwin might say

Survival is the safest game to play

Will you be undone

From your perch of space, for only one

You have a heart

It's recycled from souls you picked apart

If I fall to your pray

Much to Lamarck's dismay

I can't will myself

To grow wings

And fly away

Risin' from a new generation

For you, a lamentable sensation

This fight for space has got this place kinda hot

There ain't no wrong or right way

Of conquering life's byway

But hey, maybe one day

We'll take each other's spot

Now I'm no fool

You're The Nature, you have won this duel

Back to my cocoon

But I promise you I'll be back again soon

Socrates didn't run away

Yet you still hemlocked him to decay

He came back through us and through every Whitman blade


See also: Anything Goes

Demo Clip from The Nature

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